Donor Sperm (all specimens are prewashed and IUI ready)
Level 1: IUI Donor Sperm

$335.00 per unit*
Packaging and Handling
Standard P/H Fee for LN2 Tanks and Dry Ice

$40.00 per order
Discount P/H Fee (patient supplies their own cooler and dry ice at time of pick-up)
$20.00 per order
* One unit equals one insemination.

All specimens are pre-washed making them intrautering insemination (IUI) ready. Further processing is not needed or warranted.
Priority Overnight (only recommended for in-state shipments)

Standard Overnight
2-Day Economy
Colorado In-State Discount (for liquid nitrogen tank shipments only)
- $20.00
Priority Overnight
Additional Infomation on the Donors
Short Profile (available on our website ONLY)

Long Profile and Genassist Letter
$400.00 per unit*
Level 2: IUI Donor Sperm - With Cystic Fibrosis / Genetic Panel 1.1 Completed

$315.00 per unit*
Dry Ice
Liquid Nitrogen Tank
Saturday Delivery
Other Charges
$380.00 per unit*
Receive a discount if you order 8 or more CF tested donor units at one time.
Receive a discount if you order 8 or more regular donor units at one time.
Long Profile
Shipping (only applies to profiles and Genassit letters mailed to you)