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Directed Donor Fees

Fees due Prior to Initial Appointment

Optional Semen Analysis:      $145                   

Not required; however, recommended to determine semen quality prior initial appointment as some fees are non-refundable.

Pre-Screening fee:          $100                        

Due at the time of profile submission

Fees Due at Initial Appointment

Administrative Fee:    $250

First Cryopreservation:  $250

Annual Storage (for 1 year):  $400

First Physical Exam and Blood work:  $700 

Multi Year Storage

We offer multi-year storage at a discounted rate
2 year: $640.00

3 year: $840.00

5 year: $1200.00

Additional Fees

Subsequent deposits:     $235                          

Second physical and bloodwork: $600               

In order to release specimens, a final physical is required 6 months after the last deposited specimen

Transfer of ownership:  $300                           

If your donor relinquishes their rights to his sperm to the

intended parents a fee is required

Genetic Testing Fees*

San Luis Valley Syndrome (Blood Karyotype test):  $1,040.00

Sickel Cell (Hemoglobin Evaluation):           $720.00

Tay Sach's Disease (Biochemical Assay):     $350.00

Thalassemia (Hemoglobin Evaluation):      $65.00  

Cystic Fibrosis*:                                            $240.00

Expanded Genetic Panel:                           $350.00   

*May be required depending on what state the specimens are used in

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