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Transferring Embryos, Oocytes, and Sperm to CryoGam for

Long Term Storage

Many clinics and individuals may consider transferring embryos, oocytes and cryopreserved sperm to CryoGam for several different reasons; for example, some IVF centers have limited storage space and are not equipped to handle long-term storage. They will only store specimens for a limited time and after that you must decide to either stop storage of the specimens or arrange to transfer them to another storage facility. CryoGam can provide long term storage for frozen embryos, oocytes and sperm.

  • Specimens should be shipped in a liquid Nitrogen dry shipper.

  • If the facility you are currently storing with does not have a liquid Nitrogen shipper we can provide one to facilitate the transfer (additional fees apply).

  • Once we receive the cryopreserved sperm, oocytes or embryos, they are transferred to a liquid Nitrogen tank where they are stored at a constant temperature of -196 degrees Centigrade.

  • The liquid Nitrogen tanks are monitored daily by one of our experienced lab technicians to ensure that the proper liquid Nitrogen level is maintained.

  • In addition, the liquid Nitrogen tanks are independent of electricity so they are not affected by power outages.

  • Our facility is also monitored by ADT Security for additional protection.

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