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Donor Sperm Pricing and Shipping Costs

Donor Sperm Price per One Unit
*One unit equals one insemination

Level 1 IUI Donor Sperm

1 unit: $335.00 per unit*

8 or more donor units ordered at once:$315.00 per unit*

Level 2 IUI Donor Sperm

With Genetic Testing Panel

1 unit: $450.00 per unit*

8 or more donor units ordered at once: $430.00 per unit*

Level 3: IUI Donor Sperm 

With Genetic Testing Panel and Chromosome Analysis Testing

1 unit:$475.00 per unit*

8 or more donor units ordered at once:$455.00 per unit*

Please Note: All of our specimens are pre-washed, making them intrauterine insemination (IUI) ready. Further processing is not needed or warranted.

Are you shipping your specimen(s)?


2-Day Economy:          $145.00 + $50 p&h

i.e. ships Monday to arrive Wednesday by 4:30pm

Standard Overnight:     $170.00 + $50 p&h

i.e. ships Monday to arrive Tuesday by 4:30pm

Priority Overnight:       $180.00 + $50 p&h

i.e. ships Monday to arrive Tuesday by 10:30am

Colorado In-State Shipping Discount:   -$20     (does not apply to in person pick up)   

Are you picking up your specimen(s)?

LN2 Tank (7-day free rental)*:    $50 p&h     

*We guarantee the tank to hold for seven days when handled properly.

For additional information on the different levels of donor sperm, please click HERE

Long Profile & Genassist Letter*:  $15.00

Long Profile:  $10.00

Shipping**:  $5.00   


*Long profiles are available for digital download on all donors. They are 17-20 pages each. The Genassist analysis letter is 1-3 pages long. It is a genetic analysis of the donor's family health history. This helps determine the associated risks of health issues identified by the donor and his family.


**Only applies if physical copy is mailed to you.

Purchasing Additional Donor Information

Additional Donor Info

1 x $450.00       

1x $180.00          

1x $50.00            


Order Example

Level 2 Donor                                         

Priority Overnight Shipping                      





Additional Charges

Saturday Delivery:        $30.00

*This may not be available in certain geographical areas.

Rushed Order:              $50.00

Orders placed after 2pm MDT to ship the same day. Late orders must allow time for packaging prior to pick-up time. Call for availability. 

Late Tank Return Fee:     $35.00 per day

*If returned after 7 days.

We accept payment in the form of Visa, Discover, Mastercard, American Express, cash, and check.


We do not provide insemination kits; However, we do have insemination catheters for purchase for at-home insemination. You will need to separately purchase the syringe to attach to the catheter.

Have you set up your account with us yet? Click here for the paperwork we will need prior to you placing an order.

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