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What CryoGam does for FREE


Account Set-Up
Whether you are establishing an account with us in advance or the same day you place an order, there is no charge. 

Photo Match
Send us a picture of the person that you would like to match the donor to along with the donor numbers of 3-5 donors you are interested in.  We will then tell you which of your donor selections most closely matches your photo. Photo matches can be submitted either by e-mail ( or through regular mail.  

Phone Consult
We are happy to answer your questions over the phone. 

Stat Orders
If you call us today (by 2:00PM Mountain Standard Time) and need the specimen tomorrow, we will get that order out to you at no extra charge. 

Cancelled Orders
If you have placed an order with us and cancel it before we pack it for shipment or pick-up, there is no charge. 


We are proud of our customer service. 
We think you will be pleased by it! 

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