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Ordering and Shipping Information


Orders can only be placed by phone at (970) 667-9901. Orders need to be placed BEFORE 2:00pm Mountain Standard Time for the order to be shipped the same day. 


Picking up your specimen(s): Local orders may be picked up at our office on one of our liquid Nitrogen tanks.

Pick ups are by appointment only.


->You MUST schedule an appointment prior to picking up your specimen(s). 

Please plan accordingly and pick-up your specimen during normal business hours. If you know you will need a specimen over the weekend, you may pick up on a Thursday or Friday as our tanks hold for seven days.


-> The cost to pick up a specimen will vary:

Using our liquid Nitrogen tank: p&h $60.00 + cost of the specimen(s)


-PLEASE NOTE: We do not provide insemination kits; however, we do have insemination catheters for purchase for at-home insemination. You will need to separately purchase the syringe to attach to the catheter.


Shipping your Specimen(s): Orders shipped on the liquid Nitrogen dry shipper may be ordered Monday-Friday, allowing for a Monday thru Saturday delivery***. There are three UPS/FedEx shipping options when shipping on a liquid Nitrogen dry shipper: 

-->Option 1: 2-Day Shipping - The order will arrive 2 business days from the day we ship. For example: If we ship out on a Monday it will arrive on Wednesday by 4:30pm local time.

-->Option 2: Standard Overnight - The order will arrive sometime before 4:30pm the next day.* 

-->Option 3: Priority Overnight - The order will arrive the next day* before 10:30am** 

We accept payment in the form of Visa, Discover, MasterCard, American Express, cash, and check.

Important Information about Shipping via FedEx

* UPS/FedEx considers Friday to Monday an overnight shipment (next day service) and therefore a Saturday delivery is a special request. If a Saturday delivery is needed the package must be shipped priority overnight and you must request a Saturday delivery. There is an extra charge for a Saturday delivery and it may not be available in all parts of the country. 

** Not all areas have a 10:30am delivery guarantee. Some smaller areas will only guarantee that the package will be delivered sometime the next day. 

***Not all areas have the Saturday delivery option. Please contact us to ensure Saturday delivery is available in your area.

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