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Posthumous (Post-Death) Cryobanking

It is tough to think about and very unfortunate – But accidents do happen. Here at CryoGam we have experience dealing with clients who have recently lost a partner and are hoping to store their deceased partner’s genetic material in order to create a future pregnancy. However, as the deceased cannot give their consent, laboratories such as CryoGam are unable to harvest and store posthumous (post-death) genetic material UNLESS the deceased has clearly and legally stated, in writing, that in the event of their death, they would like their genetic material to be harvested with the intention of producing a conception. Therefore, we encourage all people who are interested in having biological children in the future to fill out the Posthumous Conception Consent and attach it to their Will. Once a person is deceased, time to harvest and store genetic material runs out quickly and having this Posthumous Conception Consent in place along with a statement in one’s Will prior to death helps to clear up any issues of consent on the part of the deceased, making it legal for a laboratory to harvest and store the deceased’s DNA.

Please click HERE to download the Posthumous Conception Consent form.

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