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Informative Articles


CryoGam values patient education.

Click here to view an interesting and informative article about the impacts of health and lifestyle choices on male fertility


Click here to read about the substantial amount of evidence that has been gathered about the negative effects smoking has on semen quality


Click here and here to learn about why CryoGam will not accept donors over the age of 35


Click here for general infertility questions provided by the State of New York's Department of Health

Click here for Gay Parent Magazine: A leader in gay parenting resources that have personal stories from parents from all different backgrounds


Learn about how scientists have gathered evidence that female fertility can be regulated by chronic levels of stress here


We are all inevitably exposed to different chemicals and compounds that exist in our environment.  Some of these chemicals can act as endocrine disruptors, causing hormonal imbalances within our bodies.  It is continuously coming to light that we need to be careful about what we are ingesting.  Sometimes we don't have much choice in the matter, but when we do have a choice it is important to be informed.  Click here to read about some effects of BPA substitutes, and remember, all roads lead to reproduction.

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