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Personal Cryopreservation Prices

Cryopreservation for Use with a Sexually Intimate Partner:

Initial Cryopreservation: $250.00

Includes Processing, freezing, and partial semen analysis

Subsequent Deposits:   $235.00

Includes Processing and freezing

Sperm Storage*

1-Year Storage Plan: $400.00

2-Year Storage Plan:  $640.00

3-Year Storage Plan: $840.00

5- Year Storage Plan: $1200.00

*Storage plans are per client (not per specimen) and are due at the time of service. You may either renew your storage at the end of your term or send us a Consent to Discard form.

Please Note:

Storage fees are due at the time of your initial cryopreservation appointment. We do not bill insurance. We can accept VISA, Discover, MasterCard, American Express, Cash or Check.


You may either renew your storage plan at the end of each storage term, or you may send in a Consent to Discard form. 



Initial Cryopreservation appointment starting with two year storage:


$250.00 + $640.00= $890.00


Two additional deposits: $235 x 2 = $470.00

TOTAL: $1,360.00

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