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Reproductive Procedures and Prices

***Appointment required prior to testing***

Sperm Washing - $120.00

Sperm are washed with tissue culture medium to remove the seminal plasma. The cells are centrifuged and re-suspended in less than a milliliter of medium to concentrate the sperm in a small volume.


Swim-up - $130.00

This procedure selects the most morphologically normal and most motile sperm from the semen sample. Washed semen is overlaid with tissue culture medium and incubated approximately 1-2 hours. From the upper regions of the medium the sperm are harvested, centrifuged, and re-suspended in concentrated form. The resulting preparation contains sperm with improved motility and morphology and is devoid of round cells and debris.


Puresperm Gradient Separation - $130.00

This is a method of sperm selection in which sperm are separated by centrifugation through a gradient medium. This method concentrates viable sperm into a small volume, isolates sperm of higher motility, and increases the fertilization capability of the spermatozoa. It is especially useful in cases of asthenozoospermia and oligozoospermia, where the swim-up procedure is a less successful means of isolation.

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