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Fees for Long Term Storage and Specimen Transfers

Please Note:

Each storage plan is per client. You may store as many specimens as you need under one storage fee.


We do not bill insurance. We accept payment in the form of VISA, Discover, Mastercard, American Express, cash, and check.


Unsure if you want to renew your Embryo storage or not? Click here for more information.

Sperm Storage

1-Year Storage Plan:  $400.00

2-Year Storage Plan:  $640.00

3- Year Storage Plan: $840.00

5-Year Storage Plan:  $1200.00

Embryo and Oocyte Storage

1-Year Storage Plan:   $475.00

2-Year Storage Plan:   $760.00

3- Year Storage Plan:  $1,070.00

5-Year Storage Plan:   $1,665.00

Transfer Fees

Inventory fee (per order received):  $30.00

Packaging and handling:                 $60.00

Shipping (Priority overnight):         $230.00

Shipping (2-Day Economy):           $180.00

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