CryoGam offers quality donor sperm at an affordable price. We pride ourselves in our exceptional customer support and CryoGam's experienced staff will help guide you through the entire selection and ordering process. CryoGam's selective donor screening process and our trained technicians provide you with the highest quality product. Click here for more info.

Sperm banking provides an opportunity for men to preserve their future fertility under a variety of circumstances. Certain surgeries, cancer treatments, and even hormone replacement therapy can potentially cause infertility in men. Storing sperm prior to treatment provides men with a reproductive safeguard for the future. Click here for more info.

Many clinics and individuals may consider transferring embryos, oocytes and cryopreserved sperm to CryoGam for several different reasons. Some facilities have limited storage space and are not equipped to handle long-term storage of reproductive specimens. Other centers charge exorbitant storage fees and it is not cost effective for patients to continue storage there. Whatever your reason, CryoGam can provide long term storage for frozen embryos, oocytes and sperm. Click here for more info.
Liquid nitrogen dry shippers are available at weekly rental rates for patients or clinics who need to transfer reproductive tissue from one facility to another. Whether you are doing a local transfer or need help arranging an out-of-state shipment, we can help. CryoGam will complete the necessary shipping documents and provide a charged liquid nitrogen tank to facilitate the transfer. Click here for more information.

Our excellent customer support, competitive prices and specimen quality have enabled us to provide outstanding service to our patients for over twenty years!