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30 Years of Business

CryoGam is the only commercial cryobank in Colorado. We have been in business since 1990. In addition to having anonymous donor sperm for sale, we also offer personal cryopreservation, directed or known donor processing, fertility testing of sperm, sperm preps for IUIs, and long term storage of sperm, oocytes, and embryos. 

Become a donor!

Help a couple achieve their dream of

becoming parents,
and get paid at the same time!

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Click here to read CryoGam's Study on at Home Sperm Banking

CryoGam is now offering Shipment Protection! Please click here for more information!

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ATTENTION: Due to the recently issued FDA guidelines for screening for Zika Virus, we are requiring our patients and donors to inform our staff if they have visited certain areas. Click here for more information.

Informational Articles

Why CryoGam does not accept donors over the age of 35:

Click here and here to learn about why CryoGam will not accept donors over the age of 35

Lifestyle Factors and Male Infertility:

Please click here to view an informative article on the impact of health and lifestyle choices on male fertility!

Sexual Abstinence and The Effect of Semen Quality 

Check out this article from the American Society of Reproductive Medicine to find out!

CryoGam Featured in Choice Moms

Click here  to see our featured spotlight on, an organization that supports

single women choosing to become mothers. 

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