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How to Transfer Your Reproductive Tissue to Cryogam

Please contact us at 970-667-9901 to arrange the transfer from your current facility to ours.


Prior to transferring your cryopreserved embryos, oocytes or sperm you will need to complete the following forms: 

  • Embryo, Oocyte, or Sperm Storage Agreement (must be notarized unless signed in the presence of a CryoGam employee, or we can send them to you via docusign.)

  • Patient Information Form(s)

  • Liquid Nitrogen Dry Shipper Rental Form


These forms can be mailed, emailed, faxed or sent via docusign to you. Please click here to request the paperwork necessary to transfer your sperm, oocytes or embryos to CryoGam Colorado, LLC. 

Once we have received payment (see Long Term Storage Prices) and all the necessary paperwork, the specimens can be transferred to us in a liquid Nitrogen shipper. If the facility you are currently storing with does not have a liquid Nitrogen shipper we can provide one to facilitate the transfer (additional fees apply). 

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